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The concept of “BELLA GUARD”, as Mr. Lehr invented, is a child car seat that would include an alarm for child’s harness/restraint buckle, as well as for the attachment point for the vehicle seat belt (or the LATCH attachments). The alarms would notify the driver if the child was not secured properly.
Specifically, the “BELLA GUARD” would include a pressure switch/sensor in the base of the seat that would be capable of determining when a child was in the seat. A sensor on the harness or the harness or the harness buckle would detect when it was secured. If a child was in the seat and the buckle was released, a loud alarm/alert noise would sound to notify the driver. A similar sensor would determine when the seat belt or LATCH attachments were in place, and would notify the driver if the car seat was not properly secured.help with math homework for unto us a child – messiah The “BELLA GUARD” sensor system could be incorporated into standard baby/toddler seats as well as booster seats. The seat belt or LATCH sensors also could be directly incorporated as safety features in new vehicles.
Use of the “BELLA GUARD” could reduce parental anxiety and tension, essaywritingservicerapid.com/personal-statement-writing-service/ as well as eliminate the need to turn around to check (while traveling) to see if the children are safely buckled in their seats. Ultimately, this device could save lives by allowing the safety harness to restrain the youngster in the event of an accident.

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